Argistrex Klethis

Low in stature, but grandly named, this kobold seems to be the only surviving member of Irontooth's band.


This pathetic kobold slinger was part of the group that ambushed our adventurers outside Winterhaven. His tribe’s leader, the goblin Irontooth, was intent on avenging the adventurers’ destruction of one of the tribe’s raiding parties the day before. Unfortunately for the kobolds, they were not able to do any better this time around. Argistrex was taken captive and handed over to the authorities of Winterhaven, where an uncertain fate awaits him. The people of that town do not take kindly to murdering bandits, and they are not equipped to keep such a prisoner for very long.

Like all of his kobold brothers, Argistrex Klethis has a grand name that pays homage to his clutch mother and to an honored dragon of legend.

Argistrex Klethis

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