Douven Staul

A widely traveled man with many odd friends, and lately the mentor to a new generation of adventurers.


Douven Staul is a former adventurer. He has been many places and done many things, but his adventuring days are largely behind him. Now he spends most of his time pursuing his hobbies of archeology and spinning tall tales. Several years ago he took in a young girl named Nieme, and has seen to it that she has received proper training for her chosen profession: adventure. He has also taken Runn and even Jiku under his wing, assembling quite an irregular group of young adventurers.

Recently he investigated a rumor of an old dragon burial ground, traveling west to the vicinity of Winterhaven. The rumor turned out to be true, but he fell into the clutches of a group of cultists searching the burial ground for artifacts related to magical binding rituals. Our adventurers were able to save his life, thankfully, and he is thinking of retiring for good, and this time he means it.

Douven Staul

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