Bringing the justice of Bahamut to the wicked is more than a duty, it is his honor.


Male Dragonborn

Lawful Good Cleric of Bahamut

Male, 6’ 6", 280 lbs.

  • 18 STR
  • 12 CON
  • 11 DEX
  • 10 INT
  • 14 WIS
  • 15 CHA
  • 18 AC
  • 15 FORT
  • 11 REF
  • 15 WILL

Played by Anthony.

Once the group had rescued Jiku’s and Nieme’s mentor, Douven, they decided that he should be escorted back to Fallcrest. So Runn and Jiku have left for Fallcrest with their goblin friend Splug in tow (Splug wants to see the world and prove that he’s a trustworthy goblin). Runn also intends to warn his temple superiors about the true threat of the Orcus cult at the Keep on the Shadowfell.


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