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Initially this campaign will be somewhat simple. We’re starting in the Heroic tier, of course, and that has a lot to do with it, but we’re also going to be keeping things on the not-so-exotic side until we’ve learned the system and setting a bit better. That’s not to say that our party is going to be limited to the “classic four” classes of rogues, fighters, wizards, and clerics, or that we won’t have any non-humans! I want everyone to be happy with the character that they’ll be playing.

I would also like everyone to have more than one character eventually. This gives us more freedom to mix and match characters in the adventuring groups, have characters go off on solo quests if need be, recover from certain, um, unfortunate incidents like Total Party Kills, and so forth.

The campaign takes place in a variation on the core 4th Edition D&D setting. We’re starting in the hinterlands of a fallen empire, with opportunities for adventure and glory available to those bold enough to take them. As the campaign progresses I think that you’ll enjoy how the horizons open up farther and farther.








Main Page

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