sealed parchment

Themedial has only one living reletive. A younger sister, a mage that works as a scribe in the great library. She is aware that her brother is apart of a militant monastic order. This does not mean that she is happy about it. Their parents were killed in an assult by a slaver group that had ties to a cult of Orcus. After that event, the sister saw it as a failing of the goverment, not taking interest eough in the areas outside their Vale. Themedial felt the blame was better placed with the slavers themselves. After finding out that his parents souls had been used in a ritual to honor Orcus he decided that the only way to ease their suffering was to serve the Raven Queen and hope to find a way to release them from Orcus’s control.

In the long years of fighting against Orcus and acting as a keeper of the Shadowfells boundries, he has finally found out where his parents souls are. He knows who is holding them and what they are being used to accomplish.

I have idea’s about what this could be but leaving it open ended may allow it to be integrated later on. Please do not feel it necesary, just a periferal loose end in Malk’s backstory.


sealed parchment

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